Just Me

My name is Emma Lovera. I am a Latino girl born in my beloved Venezuela. I became an American citizen almost twenty years ago. I love America with my whole heart, however I am very pleased of my Latino roots.

I have been living in Miami since the year of 1982. After a hiatus of almost a decade, living abroad in the  “Beautiful  Friendly” land of Brazil, the “Green Gem Island” of Ireland, and among the “Warm Affectionate” people of South Carolina; I happily find myself again surrounded by family and friends enjoying the sunshine and the diversified population of Miami.

Like a good friend once told me: “Emma, you’re a lot of fun to be around”, and without any desire of patronizing myself…  YES..!!!  I do believe I am a fun lady to hang out with. I have a lot of love to give and a great desire to help others. I am very Creative, love to Cook, Travel and be around people.

I am always thinking to be the best within myself.

I am the proud mother of Denis 22, Kevin 19 and Michael 14, three gems I hold deep inside my heart. They are My Moon, My Sun, and My Stars together. I cannot thank the Lord enough for blessing me with their lives.

Sons, you’re all the inspiration I need to continue this journey called LIFE.

Know that I love you with all my heart and soul !!!!

“Miami’s For Me” …. I am back !!!!                       Downtown Miami

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