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Ralph Marston – The Daily Motivator

Ralph Marston – The Daily Motivator

Positive, purposeful path

There’s plenty of negativity that comes into your life. And you can let it go just as quickly as it comes.

To empower yourself, you don’t have to grab hold of anything new. Let go of all the negative stuff, and you’ll find that the power has been there all along.

You can’t avoid all the negative people, situations, words and events. You can, however, choose precisely what to do with each of them within yourself.

The most effective thing to do is to focus your awareness, your energy and your efforts elsewhere. Allow your beautiful, unique purpose to push you forward.

The negativity exists, and you cannot help but notice it. But you don’t have to let it be yours.

As soon as you encounter negativity, remind yourself to let it go. Rise above it, and move right ahead on your positive, purposeful path.

Ralph Marston – The Daily Motivator

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